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Black Ops 4 krijgt drie Nieuwe Maps voor Multiplayer

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 krijgt drie nieuwe multiplayer maps. Jammer genoeg zijn deze alleen beschikbaar voor Black Ops Season Pass-bezitters. Er worden twee gloednieuwe maps geintroduceerd: Masquerade en Artifact, daarnaast maakt WMD, de Black Ops-klassieker, ook zijn rentree.

De nieuwe Operation Spectre Rising voor Call of Duty Black Ops 4 biedt een lading aan nieuwe content en updates. Naast nieuwe wapens, nieuwe maps en meer updates, introduceert Operation Spectre Rising de nieuwste Multiplayer Specialist: Spectre!


Spice up your Multiplayer battles on Masquerade.Using the distraction of a happy aquatic festival in Bangladesh, elite assassins have hijacked parade floats to use as battering rams to crack open and breach a U.S. embassy. The spice vendors, parade floats, and paint splattered roads offer a stark contrast with the high-alert status of the multi-leveled embassy, creating an eclectic environment for a variety of gameplay. Pick up the action at the map’s center where parade floats have broken through the embassy’s walls and get to the top to eliminate encroaching attackers. Or, fight in the village through a small playground and past graffiti covered walls to experience the festival highlights. Wherever the fight takes you, be on alert for the enemy throughout the diverse backdrop of Masquerade.


Gear up for the geothermal hot springs of Artifact. In the remote landscape of Iceland, hired treasure hunters have tracked down and unearthed an ancient zombie artifact. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t the only ones after it. Discover the surprises of this rocky and full-terrain map while battling for the high ground amidst deadly geysers. The platformer-style terrain and various pathways create unique experiences to traverse the map. On the south side, climb the ladder and slide into the glacier to find multiple ways in and out of the dig site. Alternatively, take the high ground to the north to spot enemies across the map and down below. Lastly, be mindful of the geysers which spell instant death for those caught in an eruption. Master the terrain and take the fight off the grid in Artifact.


WMD is back. Deep within the snowy Russian borders, a covert laboratory has spun up production of weaponized Nova 6 chemicals. A battleground rife with multiple high positions, warehouses, and staircases, WMD requires players to always be prepared for a fight. Trade the risks for the rewards of the water tower and western overlooks to catch unsuspecting enemies on the ground, or battle in and across centrally located warehouses with multiple entry and exit points that demand players stay on alert. Create new epic Multiplayer moments on this fan-favorite classic map.


Operation Spectre Rising is de nieuwste operatie voor Call of Duty Black Ops 4 en is vanaf 30 april beschikbaar voor PlayStation 4 en is vanaf 7 mei speelbaar op Xbox en pc.