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FIFA 18 Update 1.07: gameplay fixes en meer

EA SPORTS heeft een nieuwe gameplay update uitgerold voor FIFA 18. De 1.07 patch is inmiddels beschikbaar voor Playstation 4 en Xbox One.

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Lees hier de volledige Patch Notes van de nieuwe FIFA 18 1.07 update:

Gameplay Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where a freeze happening, in some situations, during the goal celebration for a goal that was scored by the goalkeeper.
  • Fixed an issue where the goal celebration being skipped, in some situations, after a goal was scored by the goalkeeper.
  • Fixed an issue where holding the sprint button will once again cause a goalkeeper to get up quickly if he is on the ground while holding the ball.
  • Addressed an issue where the player sometimes being in control of the wrong player in a Skill Game.
  • Fixed an issue where stringing the juggle skill move together multiple times in the Practice Arena could cause your player to disappear.
  • Updated the default FIFA Trainer settings for the Intro Match to show both Movement and Mechanics instead of just Movement.

Online Modes Fixes:

  • Fixed where captains, or players that had just transferred captaincy to another player, getting disconnected or crashing after inviting another club to a match in Pro Clubs Friendlies in some situations.

New changes in FIFA Ultimate team:

  • Added the ability to watch FUT Champions Channel replays in a slower (0.5x) playback speed.
    • When toggling the playback speed of the replay, it cycles through Normal –> Fast –> Slow.
  • Removed the Single Player Camera from the list of available camera angles in FUT Champions Channel.
  • Removed the non-functional Restart button in the FUT Champions Channel Pause Menu.
  • Renamed the FIWC Stadium item to FeWC Stadium.
FIFA Ultimate team Fixes:
  • Fixed FUT Squads that had default tactics values that were incorrectly set to over 100 have been reset to the normal default values.
  • Addressed a visual issue where sometimes the kit that a player selected to play with would not be the kit that their opponent would see them playing with in FUT Online modes.
  • Fixed the FUT Squad Battles Featured Squad image not loading properly after rapidly transitioning through screens.
  • Addressed the Pause Menu countdown timer sometimes displaying throughout a FUT Champions Channel replay.
  • Fixed the issue where the scrolling team lineup list sometimes displaying at the start of a FUT Champions Channel replay.
  • Addressed an issue the penalty shootout tutorial sometimes displaying during a penalty shootout in a FUT Champions Channel replay.

Fixes in Audio/Visual/Presentation:

  • Updates to the 2D portraits for some players.

FIFA 18 update 1.07 is now available for PC, and is coming to Xbox One & PlayStation 4 soon.